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IVC Database

The online database is IVC’s flagship product that includes detailed listings of thousands of Israeli high-tech companies, venture capital and private equity funds, investment companies, technological incubators, service providers and key executives. The database offers IVC members timely updates, current articles and an advanced search engine with fast access to data that cannot be accessed from any other source.

The database is updated daily and offers convenient access to detailed and actionable information. In an era where information is key – and accurate information is vital in helping you build your business, IVC’s online database is your virtual one-stop knowledge center – where today’s information is tomorrow’s technology.

IVC is your window to the world of Israel’s high-tech community, providing information and data that is not accessible anywhere else. As a member, you can use your findings as revenue channels for deal flow, investments, alliances, marketing and lead generation. More importantly, you save substantial time and money on research and information outsourcing. IVC’s online database gives you everything you need to know about Israel’s high-tech industry and venture capital community.

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